How can you improve the experience of your employees?

The employee experience is a crucial issue for all companies as it has an impact on the work, productivity, commitment and satisfaction of employees. The employee experience is a crucial issue for all companies. Numerous studies on the subject have demonstrated its impact on the work, productivity, commitment and satisfaction of employees. The healthier the employee work environment, the more effective and motivated they are. The challenge for companies, and more particularly for human resources, is to ensure the best possible employee experience.

What is the employee experience?  

The employee experience can be defined as the global and subjective perception that an employee has of his or her work experience in a company. It includes all the interactions an employee has with the company such as the work environment, the processes and the internal organization between teams and employees, the collaborative tools available, the access to important information, the salary and benefits for example.

The role of the HR department is therefore to improve the employee experience within the company. More precisely, the job of human resources is to provide a conducive working environment for all employees, from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave the company.

Why do you need to improve the employee experience of your employees? 

Employee experience is a major issue for companies for several reasons. First of all, offering a positive work environment to its employees improves the overall productivity of the company. And yes, a happy employee is a motivated and committed employee. But improving the work environment of your employees also plays a role in customer relations, satisfaction and loyalty. Increasing the commitment and motivation of your employees allows them to provide a better quality service to their customers.

The second benefit of the employee experience is more related to HR issues. The war for talent is raging among companies and HR must be proactive if they want to attract and retain employees. By implementing an employee-friendly organization and processes, the HR department improves the brand image and attractiveness of their company. Employee well-being is a major issue today and should not be underestimated. Developing a corporate culture makes it easier and more effective to recruit new employees. Attracting the best talent to your company also allows you to improve the productivity of your business by having efficient and effective employees.

How to improve the employee experience within your company? 

Many tools and solutions exist to improve the employee experience in your company. Here is our selection of simple tips and tricks that you can quickly apply.

Tip #1: Put the employee at the heart of your concerns 

Listening and communication are two factors that are often underestimated within companies. Yet, employees have only one wish: to be listened to and heard.

So how do you meet your employees’ expectations? The answer is simple: set up internal processes and organization based on communication. You can, for example, organize discussion points in which managers can give feedback on the team or on the employee. These feedback and dialogue sessions go both ways! Your managers get concrete feedback and can then adapt their management.

As you can see, transparency of information and a feedback culture allow you to understand the needs and expectations of your employees in terms of organization and work processes. We cannot repeat it enough: communication is key!  

Tip #2: Develop a true corporate culture 

The work and objective of the HR department is to set up a strong and efficient company culture based on the well-being of the employees. By making your employees’ lives easier, you actually increase their productivity and commitment in the short, medium and long term. To do this, you can develop effective onboarding and offboarding processes internally that support the integration and de-integration of your employees.

Corporate culture can also help you recruit new talent. To be effective, it must reflect your company’s values and promote employee well-being.

Tip #3: Use effective collaborative tools  

To improve the employee experience, you can also rely on collaborative tools. These different solutions strengthen your company’s performance and should be integrated into your global strategy.

Thanks to their technology, collaborative tools allow employees to work together, to communicate, to share knowledge, even remotely.

elqano and the employee experience 

If the benefits and importance of the employee experience are now clear, let’s see how elqano positively influences them.

Let’s quickly recall that elqano is a Microsoft Teams application facilitating knowledge sharing and internal collaboration, thanks to a mapping of “who knows what” based on the documentary production of each person.

Implementing elqano in a company means developing its culture of sharing, promoting collective mutual aid and freeing itself from organizational and geographical silos.

As for the human aspect, elqano improves the well-being of its employees by facilitating their access to the right information and to the right person, by valuing their skills and experience, and by accompanying them from the moment they join the company.

Elqano enables employees to develop a strong sense of belonging for a stronger company.