When knowledge finds people

elqano is an idea, an entrepreneurial adventure, and today a team of enthusiasts at the service of an innovative solution.

Our corporate values

caring, mutual aid and sharing are key concepts for our team and our solution.
innovation, passion and disruption are our daily driving forces in helping our customers transform themselves.
quality and high standards, both conceptual and operational, guide our technological developments
openness, diversity and respect for the environment are at the heart of our approach and the impact of our solution on data.
Yann Echeverria
Founder & CEO
At elqano, our exceptional team is passionate about innovation and dedicated to helping our customers meet the grand challenges of new ways of working in the enterprise. Whether managing the transition to a decentralized, hybrid, agile or telecommuting environment, our NLP-based Teams application delivers powerful solutions that unleash collective potential and push the boundaries of collaboration and performance.

Our multidisciplinary team

Yann Echeverria

Founder & CEO

Manon Faure

Head of Sales

Luna Penn

Customer Success Manager

Jérôme Thirion

Business Developer

Cécile Etchemendy

Business Developer

Gabriele Barbieri

Chief Data Scientist

Josselin Deloste

Technical Product Manager

Nicolas Legrand

Computer Engineer ML/NLP

Thomas Saulou

Full Stack Developer

David Rakoto

Full Stack Developer