Installed in your cloud,

In MS Teams,

Uses the latest LLM technologies.


Our solution guarantees effortless access to internal company information, via a chatgpt-like interface.

Assistance with day-to-day tasks in MS Teams

A few use cases:

  • Writing a sales e-mail
  • Analyze an article in 3 bullet points
  • Summarize meeting notes
  • Creating an introduction for a newsletter
  • Helping to write an article
  • Write a Python script
  • Review an argument for a debate

Smooth search for internal and external information

Quelques exemples de requêtes :

  • Can you explain quantum camputing?
  • Have we already worked on generative AI?
  • What are our top 3 data policy documents?
  • What is our process for using SAP?
  • What is our tendering methodology for consulting services?

Your data is safe

You control your data
The application is installed in your Cloud infrastructure. Data is not used for model learning. Data is encrypted at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+).
Access and control
Enterprise authentication with SAML SSO. Precise control of document access at user level with graphical API.
RGPD Compliant
Thanks to indexing that complies with European standards