Connect employees to their company data with secure generative artificial intelligence

Transforming the way knowledge is shared and generated in companies thanks to AI

Our approach, centered on generative AI through LLM, offers an intuitive experience to facilitate enterprise knowledge management:

  • Generative AI in action: For us, it’s not just a buzzword, but an essential convenient tool. It enables us to generate relevant, contextual answers and summaries, making knowledge discovery more intuitive. We use LLMs such as GPT 3.5, GPT 4, Llama 2, and Mistral 7B, renowned for their advanced language understanding, to optimize the processing of our customers’ knowledge base.
  • Semantic search engine: Unlike traditional keyword-based search, semantic search can capture the meaning and context of a query. Thanks to Elastic Search technology, our algorithms combine the best of these two types of search for fine, relevant results.
  • RAG: Our RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) system combines the power of LLMs with semantic search techniques to provide results that take into account the company’s entire knowledge base. Combined with advanced prompting techniques (Chain-of-Thoughts), this integration ensures an experience tailored to each company.

Data security and compliance

A fundamental aspect of our technology is our commitment to data security and compliance:

  • Cloud integration: Our solutions are integrated into your existing cloud infrastructure, enabling you to retain full control over data, in line with your internal policies.
  • Data confidentiality: Our indexing guarantees confidential access. Users only interact with documents they are authorized to access, preserving data confidentiality.
  • RGDP compliance: We comply with European RGPD standards.

A safe environment

100% hosted on your premises, a constantly evolving SaaS mode
Installation on your Azure server, 100% hosted in your cloud
User management from your Cloud portal (username, email Azure AD/AWS/G)
Specific resource deployment, automated with Terraform
Secure user access to the app through integration with MS Teams

Language processing for an intelligent solution

Elqano uses advanced technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Sentence Transformers, Semantic Search and ElasticSearch to create an advanced solution for sharing and mapping enterprise knowledge. These technologies enable us to offer a set of essential functionalities such as :

  • Understanding the semantic meaning of questions, regardless of the language used to ask them
  • Understanding and recording company jargon
  • Viewing the most frequently recurring themes
  • Contact with experts thanks to the expertise identified in the documents they have worked on
  • Identification of similar issues already addressed in the solution
  • Proposal of relevant labelled documents to facilitate the answers provided by experts