How Louis Vuitton’s Industrial Master Data teams use Elqano to focus on high added-value activities

By identifying expertise, connecting teams and capitalizing on each piece of knowledge, Elqano is responding to the problems of certain companies in the industry sector; relieving experts of recurring queries. Just like the collaboration between the start-up and Louis Vuitton since 2022.


Hybrid work is now at the heart of our professional lives and there is no turning back. A major trend since 2021 according to Gartner, remote collaboration through one’s own formal and informal networks is becoming an important issue in the search for information for employees.


Not surprisingly, this view is shared by Bastien Detraz, Industrial Data Management Manager at Louis Vuitton. The challenge for his teams is to “connect, on a large scale, individuals who have business or technical questions, with their colleagues who know the answers or can help them . Since the acceleration of telecommuting, coupled with the frequent internal mobility experienced by the group, it has become increasingly difficult for team leaders to redirect to the right people or documents. ” I was beginning to see my limits as a network connector, on a scale where I no longer personally knew the individuals,” says Bastien Detraz.


After a learning and configuration phase lasting a few months, the Elqano solution was offered to more than 1,000 employees in 2022. Based on a question-and-answer system, it quickly demonstrated its contribution in terms of efficiency for the teams.


“The solution is easy to use and fulfills the stated objectives. Thanks to Elqano, the experts become more accessible and better identified within our organization.

Questions that were repeatedly addressed to the same experts are beginning to be capitalized on and this benefits the experts who are only called upon for new topics.

Newcomers who don’t yet have a big network and few skills have a way to support them in building their skills and developing their network.”

Bastien Detraz, Industrial Data Management Manager at Louis Vuitton.


In short: the idea of an expert spending time answering the same questions over and over is becoming a distant memory.

The appropriation of Elqano by the teams

Another symbol of the successful adoption of the new solution by the teams is the involvement of the user community. In December 2022, Elqano usage reached a response rate of 94%, with a median response time of only 5 hours. This performance is higher than the average for the start-up’s clients and has been steadily improving since the launch.

Bastien Detraz talks about it: “Adoption was easy in this area, which was already very used to asking questions and having conversations within group team channels. For some groups that are not as mature, you have to get involved to stimulate this culture. In my opinion, this is a key point in the success of this solution: you need strong sponsorship and a culture of sharing. It’s good timing, that’s what we believe in.”

Extend the deployment of the solution to new teams

In addition to this encouraging result, some new members of the IT department who were not involved in this project are starting to become internal sponsors. This cross-functional adoption illustrates the initial need to support new ways of working by developing internal cooperation.