Generative AI Applications for Knowledge Workers

Solutions for identifying, sharing, and creating knowledge within companies using generative artificial intelligences combined with internal data, while ensuring a secure architecture and rigorous control of data.
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“Elqano effectively addresses our challenges around sharing and capitalizing on knowledge, while remaining focused on human and collaborative aspects.”

Head of Knowledge Management of a leading global consulting firm

“Elqano effectively addresses our challenges around sharing and capitalizing on knowledge, while remaining focused on human and collaborative aspects.”

Head of Knowledge Management of a leading global consulting firm

Generative AI coupled with internal data

Our innovative approach integrates large language models (LLMs) with the internal data of your company.


Our algorithms use private and secure semantic search on your work documents to improve processing and access to information within your company.


Prompt Engineering and integration of RAG technique

Our Prompt Engineering ensures that each interaction with our AI is geared towards a business objective, for more precise and effective communication. Combined with Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), our system merges information retrieval and content creation. This integration transforms vast amounts of data into coherent and actionable responses, streamlining the work of employees.

Our solution

A common technological foundation for all our solutions


Tool for connecting, sharing, and capitalizing on knowledge

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Creation of work documents using Generative AI for defined use cases

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Enterprise Chat using internal data in a secure manner

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Connect: Connect people who can help each other

An application to help employees access the knowledge they need, regardless of where it is located: from one team or country to another.


80% of knowledge resides in the minds of employees. Make accessible what your employees know and relieve the often overburdened official experts.


With elqano, employees bring out the information they need when they need it. This information is then capitalized and serves the entire company.

We are now finding previously unknown solutions by directly addressing the right people.

Head of Knowledge Management at ROI

Find answers to your questions

Connection with colleagues who have recently worked on the subject of your question and can thus provide you with answers. Generative AI facilitates the response from experts.


Capitalizing on tacit knowledge

Creation of a database of questions and answers, by employees, for employees.


Identifying internal experts

Automatic mapping of employees’ knowledge from documents available on your company’s cloud and also through interactions in the application to find the right person to contact.

We’ve been able to discover in-house experts on a much more solid database without having to spam everyone with “emails to all”. This saves us time while sharing more knowledge.

Head of Knowledge Management of an international consulting firm

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Scribe: Document Generation by AI

A generative AI to assist users in writing key documents for the company.


Scribe uses Generative AI to create content from a multitude of documents, data, and existing templates. Building on previous examples, Scribe develops personalized responses to tenders, project updates, and analytical memos, thereby optimizing the creation process across the company.


Customizable to adapt to specific use cases, Scribe ensures that each document adheres to the company’s best practices and quality standards.

We have configured Scribe so that responses to tenders always follow the same template, thereby raising the quality level of our documents.

“Commercial Director in a consulting firm”

Document writing becomes an intelligent process that saves time and improves the quality of your outputs.


Some use cases:

Responses to tenders: Generate comprehensive responses to tenders by analyzing and synthesizing data from previous submissions.

Writing commercial proposals: Develop personalized proposals by referring to successful presentations for similar clients.

Project updates: Update the progress status of projects by adapting information in relation to previous presentations.

Creation of Memos and internal analyses: Create consistent detailed internal communications by consolidating various sources.

A 40% increase in the quality rate of work produced within Boston Consulting Group for consultants who use generative AI in their daily work.

Study conducted by the Financial Times.

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Playground: An Enterprise Chat that uses internal data in a secure manner

Playground integrates Large Language Models (LLMs) with advanced internal search on your data to enhance work efficiency.


Through a chat-GPT-like interface, Playground enables real-time content generation, interaction with data, task automation, and quick access to internal information.

Playground helps me daily with numerous recurring tasks: writing emails, summarizing meetings, finding information.

Research Engineer at a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME)

Two main use cases:


Intelligent Assistant
Playground is an assistant that assists in content creation, article summarization, and paragraph translation. This function simplifies daily tasks and contributes to overall employee productivity.


Smart Search
The Intelligent Search function of Playground provides quick access to internal and external information. Designed to be efficient, it helps employees quickly find the data they need.

Thanks to Playground, I spend less time searching for information and free up nearly 2 hours a day.

Customer Success Manager in a start up

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Microsoft Partner

Integrated into Microsoft Teams to facilitate the user journey, our solutions are not ‘just another tool.’


Thanks to a connection to your collaborative environment established via the Graph API, our algorithms index the information shared in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams Channels to access the data.

Deployment on your Azure servers and our entire architecture are designed to provide you with maximum security.

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Head of Knowledge Management
international consulting firm
elqano really meets our collaboration challenges, centered on people the application integrates perfectly with the Microsoft 365 environment, which forms the basis of our digital workplace.

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