How ROI Management Consulting consultants are using Elqano to share their information more effectively

By pinpointing expertise, connecting teams and decompartmentalising knowledge, Elqano’s collective intelligence solution is the perfect fit for challenges facing consulting companies. And that includes the collaboration between the start-up and ROI Management Consulting, which began in 2020.

Advise: a doing word. “To tell someone what they should do, to recommend something or someone”. Just look up the term in a dictionary and you’ll realise just how important the notion of knowledge is within the consulting business. Unsurprisingly, Monika Eglseer, Knowledge Manager at ROI Management Consulting, agrees. For the last two years, the Munich-based company specialising in operational consulting – with five offices in Europe – has been using Elqano’s collective intelligence solution to streamline how it shares information internally. “Knowledge is a key issue for a company like ours. We must be able to share the work and research we have already done, and apply them to a new project. That’s where the tools we had been using in the past came up short. So we were on the lookout for more innovative solutions.”After a few months spent learning and configuring the tool, the Elqano solution was offered to internal consultants in the summer of 2020. Based on a question and answer system, it soon proved to be highly efficient for the teams.

“Elqano has helped to quickly unearth a lot of knowledge. We were even surprised to see that by analysing our document database, the solution perfectly understood our consultants’ requests.”

Monika Eglseer, Knowledge Manager at ROI Management Consulting.

In a nutshell: the idea of a consultant spending their time duplicating work that had already been done by a colleague is now a thing of the past.

How consultants are using elqano

Another sign of how ROI Management has successfully adopted the new solution is the involvement of its user community. Last January, the use of Elqano actually achieved a response rate of 100%, with an average lead time of only 24 hours. This was above average performance compared to the start-up’s customers, and it has been growing steadily for two years. “We found that the consultants had adopted our solution to learn about very specific topics with high added value,” says Manon Faure, Customer Success Manager at Elqano. This success is partly based on the management team’s involvement at the beginning; they encouraged the consultants to use the solution until the habit stuck.”

“Is there a case study that outlines a blueprint for production planning in an assembly plant?”
Example of a question asked by a consultant from ROI Management Consulting through Elqano

As well as making knowledge easier to share, the solution from southwest France also allows ROI Management Consulting to rise to another current challenge for consulting firms: changes in organisational methods. “By connecting teams with experts directly, Elqano helps us to move towards a more decentralised, horizontal and less hierarchical form of collaboration,” says Monika Eglseer.

Supporting the merger with Efeso Consulting

On the strength of these encouraging results, the two European entities are set to work together even more closely over the coming months. Firstly, because the Elqano team will continue to offer its client regular events designed to promote the use and adoption of its solution (frequently asked questions, analysis of discussion topics, etc.). But also for reasons internal to ROI Management Consulting. In the summer of 2019, the German group merged with Efeso Consulting, another specialised player in the field, which is particularly focused on industry 4.0.

“Does anyone have any good documents on reducing working capital and benchmarking in the A&D industry?”
Example of a question asked by a consultant from ROI Management Consulting through Elqano

As part of this merger, the Efeso Consulting teams will also benefit from Elqano’s services. All that will go on amplifying knowledge sharing, to reconnect people with each other and raise the quality of the missions to respond more easily to calls for tenders. The solution is even currently being deployed among these new teams. “Our relationship with Elqano has evolved from client-supplier to partner,” says Monika Eglseer. Its team has always been proactive and supportive. As a result, it is perfectly natural that it now benefits from the growth of the company.” Ultimately, the French collective intelligence tool should provide solutions for almost 500 people at Efeso Consulting. It will then become a key element in the future IT infrastructure that the two merged entities will share. “This additional contract demonstrates our ability to meet the needs of consulting companies,” concludes Yann Echeverria. We must benefit from the faith placed in us by ROI Management Consulting to go on innovating and offering new features to their consultants.” The future has lessons for everyone.