The new way to capture internal knowledge via chatbot, faster.

Available on Microsoft Teams and Slack. 

Ask questions, Elqano bot finds who has the answer.

Self-learning Taxonomy and Knowledge Mapping.

Simple and easy to install on your servers.

Cutting-edge User Experience.

Each new QA makes the database more powerful over-time, resulting in

a know-how platform that grows organically to foster a self-learning organization

Find Information

What is the last version of the process flowchart?

Who is responsible for raising POs for the brand?

Where can I find the e-commerce strategic guidelines?

Gather Collective Intelligence

Anyone has examples of sales channel strategies before starting a new project?

Any insights on consumer reaction to the new competitive product?

How did you convince your customers to start a joint supply chain program?

The author of the question saves time by finding the right person right away

The receiver can write an answer and share the right document in one click

The receiver saves time since answers are made available in a public database: he does not have to answer the same question twice

Unique Elqano ChatBot interface for seamless integration with existing tools


Personalized Feed of New Relevant Information for each User


Automatic Tagging of all Existing Documents and Ultra-Fast Faceted Search


Communicate with Experts on Key Insights and Valuable Information


Effortless and Automated Administration for 360º Holistic Employee Experience

IDC Research

"The Fortune 1000 stands to waste at least $2.5 billion per year due to an inability to locate and retrieve information"




Between 1 00 - 1 000 Users

1 000 EUR / Month + 6 EUR / User / Month

Implementation 500 EUR / Day


More than 1 000 Users*

1 000 EUR / Month + 3 EUR / User / Month

Implementation 500 EUR / Day

*For more than 10 000 Users, Price on Demand

Existing Systems & User Engagement

  • Why not using an internal wikipedia or repertory for employees to upload their interesting files? 

Most employees are reluctant to share their files and knowledge because it takes and because they don´t see who will use it. This is why knowledge sharing systems are not up-to-date and only used by 14% of employee on average (according to PwC). On the other hand, when the request for sharing is coming from a particular employee, it becomes very hard to refuse to share.

  • Why not using a classic Q&A tool?

In classic Q&A, questions are not directed to specific people with answers but to large communities of people, making it easier to avoid answering. If the request is to a specific coworker who has the expertise and knowledgeme, it becomes almost impossible not to answer.

Technology & Implementation

  • How does Elqano know who is working on what and when?

Elqano uses custom enriched taxonomies, natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to automatically tag documents and correlate employees on a daily basis. With previous customers, Elqano was able to prove that its algorithm was correct 88% of the time.

  • What about data safety and connectivity?

Our team proposes two installation options: on the cloud hosted by AWS with SSO or directly installed on our client servers with containerization, both options are completely secured and safe. We can synchronize with SharePoint via REST API, with Shared Drive via a customer connector or with any kind of system upon request (G drive, Box, Salesforce …)

  • How long does it take to set up and implement the system?

Our team can implement the system in less than a month: we estimate one week for business mapping to prepare the taxonomy and map the existing systems, one week for set up and installation, two weeks of testing and adjustment before going live.


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