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how to automatically keep Jack's strategic knowledge?

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We capture your strategic documentation (business plan, executive summary, marketing brief... ), organize them in a knowledge database and link them to your key data (sales, market share, profit…).

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Key advantages of Elqano

Elqano database grows by itself, without efforts, it captures only your most valuable information and stores it saftety on your existing server.

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Capture and organize strategic knowledge

Capture business strategies, marketing and innovation plans, gap analysis and intervention plans

All posts are classified in a customizable hierarchy (region, product, period…) and organized through bullet points and topics

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Ensure fast and flawless organization adoption within 6 months

We send automatic questions to the right employees and remind them regularely to upload their latest strategic knowledge

Automatic questions and reminders are fully customizable (trigger, frequency, format…)




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Integrate with any process, scorecard or data system without additional work for your teams

We don't add communications or process on top of what you team already do

We take your existing process of knowledge sharing (emails, executive summary, decision sheet…) and transfert it on our platform

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Easily secure your communications on your servers

We use the latest software containarization technology to ship and run Elqano on your servers

This guarantee that no one, even us, can access your information

Why Elqano

Elqano is a communication platform which enables teams to capture strategic knowledge and drive continuous improvement of your business strategy.

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How does it work


Mirrors your existing database hierarchy


Upload targets and results from your systems and assign owners

New document

Create manual or automatic documents, public or to selected employees

Show document

Structure versions with topics, bullet points, attachements, comments and ratings


Improve your business strategy via searching useful information

Follow topics, products, regions and get notifications when new knowledge is available


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