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Why your current AI won’t help you innovate (and what you can do about it)

September 17, 2018

Nowadays, we hear a lot about AI and how it is supposed to revolutionized businesses and workplaces. Even though it is true there has been progress in data analysis and image recognition, many are still waiting to see progress on corporate innovation, which is at the core of any business that wants to survive in today’s volatile business environment.

There is one simple reason to it : machines don’t innovate, they calculate patterns with enormous amounts of data and provide insights on things users did not see before but that’s it for now. Employers might be able to calculate the ROI of each of their current marketing campaigns, but they won’t find ideas for new types of marketing campaigns.


Only humans innovate. More than humans, teams innovate. Talented groups of people coming from different backgrounds have disproportionately more chances to innovate than a single individual equipped with the best AI in the world (see “The innovators” by Walter Isaacson). Let's take the Traitorous Eight from Fairchild Semiconductor or the PayPal mafia as an example. It is the networks of bright human intelligence that brought us where we are, starting from the first large city of Babylon that facilitated exchanges between tribes and fostered the invention of writing and the wheel.



So how to bring these great people together? How to enable them to share ideas? Well it is more and more complicated with the currrent organizations’ decentralization, remote work and fast employees’ turnover that prevent employees from creating meaningful connections during these fortuitous coffee machine talks that are the base of corporate knowledge sharing.


This is where our solution, Elqano, becomes powerful: a new technology that helps large organizations to connect employees working on similar projects / problematics without knowing each other. It uses multiples algorithms to analyze each employee text production such as internal memos or slide decks and suggests knowledge sharing opportunities between people that are currently not working together but that definitely should.


At Elqano, we believe that each employee can be better at its work and drive disruptive innovations in his / her domain if he/her is inspired by the work of his fellow colleagues.


If you want to know more, please fill in our contact form and we will send you a short presentation on how to drive meaningful knowledge sharing in your organization.

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