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Has your Organization Learnt from Past Experience?

April 30, 2018

In today’s global dynamic marketplace and under continuous competitive pressure and innovation, organizations often tend to concentrate on moving fast from one initiative to another, enter new regions and move into new businesses but tend to forget their learning process. Nevertheless, just as humans, companies also learn from past experience and in time gain more and more knowledge about themselves, their industry and their customers. David A. Garvin stated at the Harvard Business Review that “in the absence of learning, companies—and individuals—simply repeat old practices. Change remains cosmetic, and improvements are either fortuitous or short-lived.

It is very common in companies to witness duplicated effort as well as duplicated roles which cause not only loss of time and other resources but may entail serious negative consequences if the processes that employees are repeating are wrong. Several executives such as Paul Allaire of Xerox or Ray State of Analog Devices, have recognized the link between learning and continuous improvement. This relationship depends largely on the effectiveness of organizational knowledge across the different units of an organization. The adoption of Knowledge Management tools can be used to remedy important organizational knowledge deficiencies that prevent organizations from operating optimally.


A very interesting concept that helps understanding the importance of knowledge management is organizational memory. Just as human brains, organizational memory relates to the acquisition, reuse and transfer of knowledge that affect the current decision-making process. The accumulation of your organization data can be instrumental to its success, but only if that information is updated. Examples of the burden of a not-updated organization memory include Blackberry which “could not forget about the physical keyboard when the world had moved on to touch screens, and Microsoft — it could not forget about the desktop as the key computing device when the world had moved on to mobile devices on the one hand and cloud-based services on the other.” The result: from 20.7% of the worldwide smartphone market share to 0.05%.


The essential process in proactively managing an organization is encouraging the creation, updating, availability, quality and use of knowledge. In this sense, Elqano converts data, organizational insights, employees' experience and expertise into reusable and useful knowledge that is distributed and shared with the workers that most need it. A unique aspect of Elqano compared to traditional knowledge management platforms is its customization. Several knowledge and social intranet software’s were built as "one size fits all” solution that claim to fit the needs of practically every employee, team and department of an organization using the same tags, dependencies and interface experience. But is this really true? Your company is unique, and you need a knowledge management software solution that fits you rather than something generic. Customization is essential to the success of your learning and organizational memory. By transforming knowledge into a customizable experience, Elqano scales your information to match your organization's growth.


Elqano´s customization maximizes organization memory at three levels:

  • Management: since all the stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process, management gains a view of the “big picture” of all processes, decisions and dynamics. This ensures an opportunity to prioritize resources, develop a future plan for improvement and achievie a real aligned organization and strategy.

  • Team: productivity, job satisfaction and work environment improve as all the team members can openly discuss, analyze and share their decisions in a constructive way. Less duplication, more delegation, increased accountability and a faster pace are the result.

  • Employees:  learning from past initiatives and through a project review helps employees understand how to improve processes and deliverables to increase their personal effectiveness.


Elqano helps companies translating new knowledge into new ways of behaving. By actively managing the learning process using the latest indexing technology, Elqano identifies and prioritize only the most critical and up-to-date knowledge. A robust search functionality is key to ensure consistency, relevant and peak performance so that employees are able to find the information they need more rapidly, thereby increasing productivity. Elqano´s automatic consistent updates become increasingly important as new challenges and solutions emerge which ensure that the learning process occurs by design rather than by chance.

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