Stay in control of your data by installing them in your own environment

with elqano your data are protected

100% hosted on your premises, a constantly evolving SaaS mode

A safe environment

The application is hosted on your environment using encapsulated versions supplied by Elqano and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster.

Updates are carried out transparently using Terraform.

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Installation on your Azure server, 100% hosted in your cloud
Specific resource deployment, automated with Terraform
User management from your Cloud portal (username, email Azure AD/AWS/G)
Secure user access to the app through integration with MS Teams

Language processing for an intelligent solution

Elqano uses advanced technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Sentence Transformers, Semantic Search and ElasticSearch to create an advanced solution for sharing and mapping enterprise knowledge. These technologies enable us to offer a set of essential functionalities such as :
Understanding the semantic meaning of questions, regardless of the language used to ask them
Understanding and recording company jargon
Viewing the most frequently recurring themes
Contact with experts thanks to the expertise identified in the documents they have worked on
Identification of similar issues already addressed in the solution
Proposal of relevant labelled documents to facilitate the answers provided by experts

A complete integration

elqano integrates with MS Teams and your collaborative tools, uses your SSO authentication system and leverages your document production through APIs.