The elqano team is delighted to be a Microsoft partner, an important support in the development of elqano.
A look back at elqano’s relationship with Microsoft.

After the integration of elqano into the Microsoft For Startups programme last March, the links with Microsoft have reached a new level: elqano has officially become a Microsoft partner. A key recognition for elqano. 

Chloé Garcia, Partner Development Manager ISV & Startups at Microsoft, and Yann Echeverria, Founder & CEO of elqano, share with us their impressions about the growing relationship between elqano and Microsoft. 

Chloé Garcia, Partner Development Manager ISV & Startups at Microsoft,
and Yann Echeverria, Founder & CEO of elqano

What is elqano?  

Yann Echeverria, elqano: elqano is a solution that connects people in companies, based on knowledge sharing.  

In concrete terms, this takes the form of an intelligent plug-in in Microsoft Teams that automatically connects employees with questions to those who have the experience, knowledge or documents to answer them.  

The matching is carried out using artificial intelligence algorithms. 

What is the history between elqano and Microsoft? 

Yann Echeverria, elqano: At the beginning of the elqano adventure, we realised the enormous potential of Microsoft among the first early adopters of Microsoft Teams in France.  

The usage rates were very high: I was convinced that Microsoft Teams was going to become the tool that every employee would open first when they arrived at the office in the morning, along with their mailbox. 

It was therefore important to create a 100% integrated solution for a smooth and efficient user experience. 

Since then, we have developed this relationship and joined the Microsoft For Startups programme in March 2021 to strengthen our technical collaboration, even enriching the partnership by becoming a Microsoft co-seller last October. 


– Chloé Garcia, Microsoft

How did elqano get spotted by Microsoft? 

Chloé Garcia, Microsoft: Microsoft is a privileged partner of startups, accompanying them in a genuine partnership approach that is both technical and commercial.  

The elqano team has done an outstanding job in the technical development of these features and the integration of our Microsoft solutions.  

The complementarity of our solutions and the elqano solution allows us to have a relevant value proposition for optimising the daily use of digital work tools such as Microsoft Teams at our customers’ sites.  

We are therefore very pleased to support elqano in the development of innovative solutions capable of revolutionising the employee experience.  

Why is it important for Microsoft to support startups like elqano? 

Chloé Garcia, Microsoft: For more than 10 years, Microsoft France has created and nurtured programmes to contribute to the development of tomorrow’s startups and companies.

We give priority to startups offering innovative B2B solutions that have the potential to support companies in their digital transformation and in areas of high economic and societal importance, such as knowledge sharing between employees. 

We are proud to have elqano as one of our reference partners in this field. 

What is the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub programme? 

Chloé Garcia, Microsoft: Microsoft integrates startups at the heart of its value proposition and offers them support adapted to their needs through the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub programme.

Its objective is to help startups grow, create and expand their network by accompanying them in a partnership approach. This programme grants up to 150,000 dollars in Azure cloud credits, technical support, visibility, but also and above all the opportunity of a real partnership with Microsoft to benefit from its ecosystem and thus reach new customers and new markets.

The aim is for Microsoft to put the power of its ecosystem of partners and customers at the service of the development of start-ups. 


– Yann Echeverria, elqano

What are the nature and objectives of the partnership between elqano and Microsoft today? 

Chloé Garcia, Microsoft: As a partner in the startup programme, elqano has taken an important step by obtaining “co-sell ready” status, which allows them to co-market their solution with Microsoft to reach more customers, particularly via the Microsoft Appsource marketplace and our ecosystem of partners and customers.  

Its unique approach will open up new opportunities for team users by helping them accelerate their digital transformation.
We continue to work with the elqano team to further strengthen integration and address new customer needs. 

What will this partnership with Microsoft bring to elqano? 

Yann Echeverria, elqano: This partnership brings us first of all recognition and technical support. We are working hand in hand to continue to improve the integration of our solutions and to offer an even smoother user experience to each of our customers. 

Microsoft’s support is also a guarantee of quality and reliability for our customers, who feel reassured by this partnership. 

What can the combination of MS Teams / Sharepoint and elqano create value / bring to your customers? 

Yann Echeverria, elqano: The strong adhesion of the teams to Microsoft Teams means that a lot of data and documents circulate there. But this data is not always used to its full potential. 

The integration of Microsoft Teams and elqano allows for a better understanding in real time of who is working on which topics (thanks to the data exchanged on Microsoft Teams which is analysed by elqano).  

This combination of Microsoft Teams data and elqano algorithms creates new connections between employees who work on similar topics without necessarily knowing each other, and thus creates new synergies for our customers. 

Chloé Garcia, Microsoft: The integration of elqano reinforces the value of our collaboration tools and offers a new experience based on the data directly available in Microsoft Teams.  

Easy to deploy, elqano completes the experience of our tools by proposing a real tool for collective intelligence that decompartmentalises knowledge and reinforces connections between collaborators. 

A wish from the Microsoft team for elqano? 

Chloé Garcia, Microsoft: Success and success in becoming the benchmark solution for collective intelligence in business!